Loony Little

Loony Little

Age Level: 5 and up | Grade Level: K and up | Illustrated by Kelly Murphy
Loony Little

“Quick, run for your life!” shouted Foxy Loxy. “The polar ice cap is melting!”
“How awful,” roared the Polar Bear Queen. “Tell me more—after dinner!”

Great top of the world! The polar icecap is melting!

Loony Little and her friends decide they must deliver this unfortunate news to the fearsome Polar Bear Queen—and find out how the melting icecap might affect them. But when sly Foxy Loxy volunteers to escort the animals to the queen’s lair, Loony soon realizes that not everyone seems to care about the fate of the Arctic and its creatures.

With a wry, simple story and luminous illustrations, Dianna Hutts Aston and Kelly Murphy provide a delightful twist on the traditional Chicken Little fable—and an important message about our environment.

“Artfully weaves an issue of contemporary concern into a favorite traditional tale–and makes the frantic messengers rather more than the usual brainless dupes.” –  Kirkus Reviews
“A provocative take-off on the folktale “Chicken Little,” this book also includes helpful notes about the animals depicted in the story, as well as straightforward information (including websites) about global warming. Environmental topics are important for the next generation, so this thoughtful book deserves inclusion in every primary science program and can serve as a springboard into this complicated topic for upper grades as well.” – Esme Raji Codell, www.planetesme.com
“Bold acrylic and watercolor paintings add personality to the animals in this enjoyable revision (refutation, really) of Chicken Little’s “the sky is falling” folktale. Recommended.” – Horn Book Guide, Spring 2004
“Crisp animal drawings are set upon soft snowy scenes that glow with radiant colors. . . Sure to provoke a sense of wonder and some interesting discussion.” – Children’s Literature Choices (A national book award list that recognizes 150 children’s books of excellence chosen from among the 3000 children’s books that the newsletter reviewers received the previous year.)