Virtual Visits


Making connections with people of all ages is a highlight of being an author. What we share universally is the wonderful, awe-inspiring world of nature. 

In these unsettling months, we take comfort in what remains constant, the remedy given freely – the natural world. Nature offers us restoration, rejuvenation, and reassurance. When nothing seems to make, nature does, and that is comforting. When a seed removes its coat, its roots reach for the minerals in the soil, its stalk for the sun. Seabirds nesting on rocky ledges produce pointy eggs, eggs that roll tight circles instead of off the cliff. Shells are the exoskeletons that once shielded its delicate insides.

Since the beginning of this millennium, I have been blessed to speak with thousands of children, teachers, and librarians all around the big blue ball. In this time of COVID-19, I am grateful that I can continue doing what I love – being “in” a classroom of little ones and their teachers, reading, answering questions, listening, laughing. Online visits won’t change that, although I will miss holding a child’s face, looking into her eyes, and saying, “Yes, you can.”

My virtual visits are more enjoyable for many. There is less “show,” and more personal interaction. With visits limited to one class at a time, we can speak informally, and there is time enough for each child to ask at least one question. Q&A is my favorite part of presentations. The audience is a rich source of ideas!

Virtual visits via ZOOM or Google Meet are $75.00 per forty-minute session. In our time together, I will read your book of choice and share the screen so students can easily follow along. Each book is STEAM-rich and aligned with Common Core Curriculum Standards.

As a non-fiction science writer my work begins with curiosity that leads to the scientific method of questioning: Why? How? These are the two that really pique my interest. The research that follows is intense. I talk to students about what inspires me, the research process, revision, frustration, and ultimately, a sense of accomplishment and the desire to share newfound knowledge. 

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Persevere. Be the flower that insists on pushing through concrete. Never give up.

- Dianna Aston