Bless This Mouse

Age Level: 5 and up | Illustrated by John Butler

“In the morning-time woods
where night creatures play,
Sits a sleepy-eyed mouse
with prayers to say,
A sleepy-eyed mouse,
quite small and gray—
Ready to dream the day away…”


As the sun slowly rises and its rays filter through the forest canopy, a sweet mouse settles down to sleep. Before closing his eyes, he offers a gentle prayer to acknowledge the leaves on the trees, the curious baby possum, the playful bear cub, and all the living things which make up his little nocturnal world.\


Dianna Hutts Aston’s lilting morning lullaby is gracefully brought to life in John Butler’s lovingly-rendered.


“A fuzzy, irresistible-looking hero is the main attraction in BLESS THIS MOUSE. With a text reminiscent of “All Creatures Great and Small,”… this velvety square volume leads readers through flower and fauna as mouse prepares to hunker down for the winter.” – Publisher’s Weekly


“This book is sure to become a bedtime favorite.” – Washington


“I like the words you write.” – Ruby M., age 5