Mama’s Wild Child

A human mama tucks her child into bed with stories of wild animal mamas, like a kangaroo that keeps her joey safe in her pouch. Flip the book over and a papa shares stories of wild papas that care for their young like a fish that carries his small fry in his mouth then spits them back into the nest.

Nora Hilb’s warmly hued illustrations capture the special relationships animal offspring share with their mamas and papas.


“Meet the mamas of the animal world—then flip this book over and meet the papas—and discover that human families and animal ones are not so very different.This stands out… for its softly sweet illustrations and the factual information it presents.” – Kirkus Reviews


“In this Flip-me-over Book, a human mother and father each tell a child how various animals care for their young….The calm, sweet language is embellished by Nora Hilb’s illustrations done in ink and pencil on watercolor paper…The many features of this title work together quite nicely.” – School Library Journal