When You Were Born

IIllustrated by E.B. Lewis | Caligraphy by Judy the Sieck

With tender poetry and evocative paintings, this book captures the sense of reverence that will resonate with anyone who has gazed into the eyes of a newborn child.

Published in Chinese, Russian and Spanish


“Sure to have a huge audience.”  – Kirkus Reviews


“Perfect for one-on-one sharing, this lovely book has a universality that gives it broad appeal.” – School Library Journal


“With breathtaking paintings and a lilting, poetic text, Aston and Lewis present a book that sparkles with the beauty and grace of the subject it celebrates, a newborn child.”  – Starred review, Publisher’s Weekly


“Aston’s simple poetry captures the joy and wonder of birth and the physical detail of the infant’s fragility and strength (“kissing your downy head . . . your curled fists”). Lewis’ full-page watercolor-and-marker paintings, worlds away from his usual realism, are exuberantly impressionistic in style, reminiscent of Matisse and the magic realism of Chagall.”– Booklist