Subaru and AAAS

Subaru and AAAS invite you to bring science into your daily life with these five resources that offer kids the opportunity to learn fun science concepts by conducting their very own science experiments. The activities are designed to be comfortable for non-scientist adults to supervise, to utilize materials found around the home, and to be flexible for time, space, and number of participants.


The activities included here are adapted from a collection of informal, hands-on afterschool resources developed by AAAS for the Science NetLinks website. Each one includes a facilitator page, as well as online and printable pages for kids. More activities can be found  at


This booklet also contains a short guide to citizen science projects in which kids, families, and community groups can participate. These projects are research collaborations between scientists and volunteers that welcome public participation to help collect and sort scientific data for ongoing scientific research projects.


Dianna Hutts Aston and AAAS


Kimberly Kubalek